Amber Sea Condominium

The Amber Sea condominium is situated in a charming Katong neighbourhood that combines a wealth of Peranakan culture and heritage with engaging street life, dining and nightlife. It is an established residential neighborhood with many attractions that draw both locals and expats. Its proximity to Marina Bay and Raffles Place, as well as Suntec City and Changi Airport make it an ideal place to live, work and play.

Designed to complement the existing Amber Gardens and Marine Parade Parade residential estates, Amber Sea is a single 19 storey residential block with 132 units, including a 5-bedroom penthouse unit. The units are a mix of one-bedders, two-bedders and duplexes that range in size from studio to four-bedroom units.

This condominium is a modern take on the traditional Peranakan style of living that makes it a destination to experience Singapore’s unique and charming cultural heritage. Located within a short walk from Amber Gardens, Marine Parade Parade and the East Coast Park, Amber Sea is an oasis of tranquillity, serenity and charm.

The Honey Amber Sea Glass in this classic set is captured in a timeless bezel setting and pairs perfectly with matching sterling silver bezel set earrings. The honey amber glass is a delicate yet powerful hue that exudes class and warmth.

It is the perfect complement to your everyday wardrobe and paired with a neutral color such as white, cream or black, will create a soft, feminine look. The pendant measures 0.7′′ wide, 0.8′′ tall and hangs on a 925 sterling silver chain that is 18” long.

Like most of our sea glass jewelry, this necklace is made from genuine pieces of sea glass that have been recycled and repurposed into jewelry. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.

Amber is a rich golden-brown color that ranges from light to dark, depending on the impurities in the sand and other additives that were used to make the bottles. The sand may have been colored with iron salts and sulfur or carbon, and other natural and synthetic compounds.

These substances help to protect the glass from ultraviolet rays which can damage it over time. It also adds a pleasing earth-toned hue to the glass, giving it more depth than a clear bottle.

A few other common colors in the sea glass market include pink, lavender (amethyst), brown and gray. Some of these colors are extremely rare and are highly prized by collectors.

Purple is the second most sought after sea glass color. It was a popular color for Depression era tableware but the majority of this type of sea glass comes from clear bottles that were recolored with manganese which was a decolorant added to clear glass bottles in Germany during World War I. When exposed to sunlight, the manganese additive reacted with the ultraviolet rays of the sun to turn the glass into a light purple or amethyst hue.

Another very rare sea glass color is turquoise which is a bright electric blue. It was popular for pressed glass candy dishes, vases and early seltzer bottles. It is a unique and beautiful color that reflects the iridescent beauty of the sea.

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