Anxiety Natural Remedies – Self Coaching

Life coaching is becoming more and more popular around the world because people are realising they can use it as a way of managing anxiety. They’re also realising that self coaching is one of those anxiety natural remedies they can easily incorporate into their lives. They can positively change their quality of life by simply changing their mindset, their approach or giving themselves a direction or purpose in life.

This simple 5-step self-coaching process may help you manage your anxiety, positively change your perspective and positively enhance your life:

Step 1 – What Hampers You?
What is it you don’t like about your life? What do you want to change? These must be clearly articulated and ideally written down. If you find your list is very long, prioritize it and focus on starting at the top and dealing with the biggest issues one by one.

Step 2 – What’s Your Ideal?
This step is important, because it forces us to move on from focusing on our issues and gets us looking at what it is we do want – ie what’s our ideal, and more importantly why do we want it? The clearer, more positive and more concrete a goal you can set for yourself the better. The goal should be S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-specific).

Step 3 – What Are Your Helpers And Hinderers?
The next step is to look at what’s in your life (and in yourself – ie your inner resources) that’ll help you/drive you towards your goal. These are your strengths and opportunities. Weigh these up against the things that are blocking your progress (your weaknesses and threats) and potentially contributing to your anxiety. Each driver and each blockage should be defined and isolated and include your values and beliefs, and the influence of those around you. They should also be looked at from a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual perspective.

Step 4 – What Are Your Options
This part of the process is looking at the tools, techniques, strategies and options you need to reinforce the drivers and to remove as many of the blocks as possible. Looking at the main pros and cons of each may also be helpful. This can be a great stress reliever as you often find you have many more options to deal with the issues in your life than you think.

Step 5 – What Will You Do?
This is where you decide what you will actually do given all of the above – it is your action plan. This can be empowering as it’s your way of planning ways in which you can manage your anxiety now and in the future. It’s often about breaking down the big into smaller ‘chunks’ and moving through each consistently until you’ve completed each ‘chunk’. In this way you’re working your way automatically up to your goal, and creating real progress.

You should monitor your progress and modify your plan as you see fit to keep on track. Keep an eye on the original goal to keep you orientated and motivated, and give yourself space to take breaks and reach your goal in a realistic time frame. In time you should see a reduction in your level of anxiety as you coach yourself to behave differently in those trigger situations.

This system constitutes one of a number of anxiety natural remedies designed to help you manage anxiety and panic attacks. Consistent baby steps are often better than infrequent bigger steps and tackling one thing at a time keeps you in control.anxiety coach

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