Ask a modified xenon lamp matters

“The pursuit of stunning” may be the most original idea of the many owners of modified xenon lamp. Kevin is a senior members

Youth Daily reported,Guest Posting “the high beam is very unpleasant, but most annoying is not high beams, but the xenon lamps that bright death!” Members of the public who participated in the newspaper interact directly to the reporter the abhorrence of his dazzling xenon lamp in the road. Newspaper for two consecutive days to the topic focus on the rational use of automotive lighting, many people’s hot. Feedback from readers, reporters found that many people have mentioned a name of the xenon lamp light source. Although such a light source luminous intensity, easily to others of his car on the road impact and induce safety hazard, but the existing traffic laws is no particular for the xenon lamp high-intensity light source to quantify regulatory requirements, only quantitative criteria of the minimum brightness, there is no upper limit standard, leading to the traffic police department there are many difficulties in enforcement.

“The pursuit of stunning” may be the most original idea of the many owners of modified xenon lamp. Kevin is a senior member of a Che Youhui, he had changed on the price of 2000 yuan xenon lights, but after three months, forced by family pressure and changed it back. He told reporters that change lights no purpose, which is more fun. Other friends to see Che Youhui change the blue light, pulling the wind feel themselves to try. “But with the family car to travel at night to open the lights to show off, open the cousin of another car scolding the meal, my wife also opposed to engage in such modified, and eventually changed it back.”

The owners admit more modified xenon lamp is out of frustration had to spend the money, is brighter than others. In a car forum, the reporter found that in discussing the topic of the xenon lamp, the vast majority of users have expressed their own money to do the conversion is to violence with violence of its own indiscriminate high beam abhorrence. A warning “to fight the people of the headlight, the lights brighter than his, let him completely Xiecai the” deal with the kind of Cookin lights only ‘violence with violence. An owner, told reporters. night road and Cookin high beam car, and he did not conscious converted to near-light, to deal with such people, if you talk about civilization, to remind him that in addition to their alternating near and far to fight the light, there is no other way, “either Pull over, let him first past the eye pressure of cross God to restart, or brighter than his, to make him unhappy. “The owners said that, despite knowing that this violence with violence” can affect many innocent owners, pedestrians and non-motor vehicle line of sight, but the occasion of the “road rage disorder” attack “is also to consider not so much” .One told reporters that car dvr camera once used by the owners of the xenon lamp, xenon lights, bright men, and there must use a short board. “For example, it opens hysteresis, if I want to play with xenon lamp signals to remind to the car, sparking action on the one hand the basic finish, on the other hand it itself does great harm to a few, multi-flash scrapped and some configuration not the car, modified light rather than the modification is more chaotic, totally less than the modified.

Xenon lamp input on the Taobao, over 20,000 kinds of colored lights shall promptly displayed in the list, everything from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, many sellers and even played a discount suite gimmick to attract many potential modified car The owners of the lamp. The reporter contacted one of the owner, he told reporters, every day to sell the sets, the business is pretty good, their service is very attentive and asked in detail about the reporters want to installed the xenon lamp models of vehicles and driving habits, and given many professional advice. “I also have a physical store, interested in the car take a look at” the shop owner is very warm. Small black bedside lamps

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