Best Mens Blazers

A well-rounded blazer makes a perfect addition to any closet, whether it’s worn over a dress shirt and tie, or a tee and some jeans. The right jacket can be a sartorial game changer, elevating even the most casual outfits to Meryl Streep-levels of cool. The best mens blazers offer an almost infinite range of possibilities, from classic navy and plaid to lightweight wool and even linen.

When it comes to the best mens blazer, the fit is key. A blazer should be tailored for your specific body measurements, otherwise it will look sloppy. To make sure that your blazer fits properly, use our Mens Blazer Size Guide to work out the precise jacket length you need.

The best mens blazers will also be made from a premium fabric. Some blazers are made from cotton, while others (like the one below) are made from a wrinkle-free wool that will keep you cool and comfortable. This blazer is also designed with a flexible stretch fabric, which makes it super comfortable to wear on six hour train rides or seven hour walks around Paris.

If you’re looking for a great twill blazer that is a bit more relaxed than traditional suit blazers, then look no further than this option from Brooks Brothers. The fabric is a high-quality, wrinkle-free wool, and the slim fit will flatter most guys. It’s a great choice for wearing with jeans or chinos, and it has all the features that you want in a good blazer: a notched lapel, a two-button front closure, and four sleeve buttons. Mens Blazer

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