Bluetooth Headset Safety Myths Revealed

Bluetooth headsets have become a popular accessory for listening to music, podcasts and other types of digital media. They’re also great for hands-free calling with smartphones and other devices. However, there are some concerns about the safety of these devices. In this article we’ll explore common myths, dig into the science and provide practical tips for a safer use of Bluetooth headsets.

Unlike the wired headphones you might be used to, bluetooth headsets are designed with ergonomics in mind. They’re often slim and lightweight, with a snug fit that ensures comfort over long periods of time. They also feature excellent audio quality and noise cancellation technology that makes them easy to wear in noisy environments.

The technology behind a bluetooth headset works by sending a signal that compresses the original audio file and then decodes it when it arrives at its destination. Different headsets and music players support various formats, known as “codecs,” which affect how the song sounds when played.

Like all electronic devices, bluetooth headsets emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This EMR is absorbed by the body and can cause heat. Although the levels of EMR emitted by bluetooth headsets are low, it’s still important to keep them as far away from your head as possible to minimize exposure. This is particularly important if you plan to use the headset for extended periods of time or with multiple EMR-emitting devices at once. You can further reduce your EMR exposure by using devices with lower SAR ratings, which indicate how much the device’s radiation is absorbed by your body.

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