Caregiver Jobs in Toronto, ON, Canada

Caregivers are highly valued in Canada. They provide a wide variety of non-medical services to elderly or disabled individuals, including help with bathing, meal preparation, housework and other daily tasks. Caregiver jobs offer excellent benefits and flexible schedules.

Live In Caregiver Salary | Toronto, ON (Canada)

The average salary of a caregiver is $35,052 per year in the United States and $36,855 in Canada, but caregiver salaries vary dramatically based on experience, skills, gender, and location. This is why it’s important to research the salary of a job before applying.

Senior Caregiver Jobs in Ontario, CANADA With High Salary

If you’re interested in a career as a Senior Caregiver, there are many different opportunities available in the Toronto, ON, Canada area. You can choose to work as a full-time or part-time caregiver in the home of a senior, or you can choose to provide assistance to an elderly family member in a facility setting.

LMIA / Live-In Caregiver Immigration Pilot and Other Programs for Foreigners in Canada

If your employer is interested in hiring you as a live-in caregiver, the first step is to apply for a work permit with IRCC. You may be eligible to apply under the Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Worker Pilot programs.

These work permits are only available when no Canadians or permanent residents are currently available to work. You can also apply under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, which allows families to hire foreign workers when they have short-term skills and labour shortages.

LMIA / Live-In Caregiver Immigration Pilot and Other Programs for Foreigners outside of Canada

If you’re an experienced caregiver, you may qualify to work in Canada under the Live-In Caregiver immigration pilot. The program offers foreign caregivers who meet certain requirements a pathway to permanent residence in Canada.

You can work under this program if you have at least four years of live-in caregiver experience and are already admissible to Canada. You may also be eligible to apply under the Caring for Children or Caring for People with High Medical Needs pathways if you have at least two years of experience and are admissible to Canada.

A work permit under this program can be obtained in less than a month, which makes it ideal for those who have limited time to find a permanent caregiver in Canada. You can apply through a recruitment agency or directly with an employer.

Alternatively, you can use your LMIA to apply for a visa to visit Canada as a temporary visitor, or to work on a study permit to get the training and qualifications you need to become a qualified caregiver. Then, when you’re ready to move to Canada permanently, you can obtain a visa through the Canadian Immigration Service.

This visa can be used for up to 3 years, after which you must leave the country and apply to return to Canada again as a permanent resident. The pathway to permanent residence is more complicated for foreign workers who have only worked under the Live-In Caregiver immigration Pilot, and you must show that you meet the eligibility criteria. caregiver jobs near me

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