Choosing a Fire Pump Manufacturer

Xylem is an experienced fire pump Manufacturer offering a broad range of high-quality, reliable fire fighting solutions. They prioritize customer care and innovation in all their products, positioning them as a preferred supplier for many industries globally. The company offers innovative technology, a diverse product line, superior quality, and global support to provide customers with a trusted fire protection partner.

When specifying a fire pump, the first step is to determine how much water your department needs and the expected layout of suction and discharge hose diameters and lengths at the scene. Then, compare these to the rated flow and pressure capacity of your fire pump to choose the right model for your application.

The next step is to select the driver type, which is the motor or engine that spins the shaft that provides water. There are three types outlined in NFPA 20, with electrical motors being the most common. These take electrical power provided by a utility connection, generator, or other approved source and turn it into rotational energy to drive the impeller and supply water.

Another factor to consider is determining the rated horsepower of your fire pump. Look at the power curve on the factory-certified test report to see how quickly the pump reaches peak performance and then begins to drop. If the curve continues to rise, your pump might be undersized and in violation of UL or FM requirements.

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