Choosing the Right Type of Camper AC

If you’re an RVer, whether full time or seasonally, you know that camper ac is an essential piece of gear to have for keeping your trailer comfortable. However, many people aren’t aware of the various types and options that exist. The right type of AC for your camper will depend on a variety of factors, including where you plan to travel, how much space you have available and what your budget is.

The most traditional option for camper ac is the rooftop unit. These box-like units mount on the roof and duct into your camper’s interior. They’re usually rated in BTUs, can run while you’re traveling and are typically fairly quiet. RV owners that want to install a roof-mounted ac will need to ensure their rig has a vent opening on the roof and have access to the necessary wiring for installing it.

Window AC units are another popular choice for camper ac. They’re a good fit for some rigs, but take up floor space and can be loud. Additionally, they often release fumes that may be dangerous if not properly vented. Some RVers also use portable air conditioning units, which require a window vent but are relatively efficient and don’t release dangerous fumes.

Lastly, some RVers choose to invest in dual-usage camper ac units that also function as heaters. These are ideal for reducing the amount of propane that’s used in your camper during colder months. However, they’re also more expensive than standard RV air conditioners and can only be used if you have 50 amp service at your campsite. Norcold replacement cooling unit

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