Commercial Space For Rent in Qatar

Commercial space for rent in Qatar is a great choice for entrepreneurs and newly set-up companies looking to expand their business. The ideal location depends on the trade type and required marketplace, as well as the commercial area in which the shop is located. However, the most important feature of any rental shop is its space. It should have sufficient room to change the trade’s design and ambiance as per the customer needs. In addition, it should have a basement to store products.

The Qatar commercial property market is witnessing new trends and innovations, driven by increasing construction activities and GDP growth. The market is also fueled by government initiatives and policies to attract foreign investment. The booming economy is expected to further boost the commercial real estate industry, especially in Doha and other major cities.

Office spaces for rent in Qatar are available in various sizes and locations, including the prestigious areas of Doha such as Al Dafna/West Bay Lagoon, Doha Marina, and Al Khor. Some are fully furnished and ready for use, while others offer open space that can be customized to suit the company’s needs. The average monthly rent for offices in Qatar is QAR 90 to 120 per square meter.

A large portion of the population in Qatar is expats, many of whom come from countries with high living standards and salaries. This creates the impression that the country is a wealthy place, but official sources and on-the-ground experiences tell a different story. The 2022 Mercer Cost of Living Index places the capital Doha at 133rd in the world, well below the top 50 cities.

It’s worth noting that the cost of living in Qatar can vary widely depending on an individual’s lifestyle. For example, a person with an American car will likely have to buy parts locally, which can be expensive, and a vehicle may not run as smoothly as one from Europe.

In addition, some expat salaries include a housing allowance or lump sum payments that can cover the purchase of furniture and other household items. The cost of groceries and other products can be higher than in other countries, as well, and the local stores may not stock the types or brands that an expat is used to.

Although COVID-19 has impacted tourism in the country, it has not deterred the growth of the Qatari commercial property industry. In fact, visitor numbers have continued to rise and are projected to increase further in 2022, with a positive impact on hotel occupancy rates and revenues. The industry is experiencing significant expansion and innovation, and it’s only a matter of time before it returns to its pre-pandemic levels.

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