Find a Pinetree Hill Property That Suits Your Lifestyle and Budget

If you want to enjoy relaxed country living, Pinetree Hill is the place for you. This premium acreage home site features lots with breathtaking mountain views and a thriving village right on your doorstep. There is plenty of room for a shed, caravan or even an expansive veggie patch. Whether you’re looking for a new family home, or a property that suits your lifestyle and budget, you will find everything you need here.

Kilcoy is a township just 76 minutes from Brisbane, with the Sunshine Coast and Caboolture within easy reach. You’ll find schools, shops, cafes, hospitals and higher education at your doorstep. With access to the DAguilar Highway, you can travel quickly and easily anywhere you’re looking.

This prestigious residential community has everything you need to live comfortably, including a golf course, sports centre, and parks. You’ll also be close to the local hospital, restaurants, and art gallery.

The area is a great place to raise children and has a plethora of schools in the vicinity that offer a variety of educational options. They range from primary to tertiary level and are a perfect choice for families.

These schools will also help your kids develop the skills they need to be successful in the future. They can choose from international schools like Integrated National School and Henry Park Primary School, or a local school like Clementi Primary School.

There are a number of shopping hubs in the ULU Pangan neighbourhood that you can visit to restock your cupboards and find the latest fashion trends. Among the top malls in the vicinity are Grantral Mall and The Clementi Mall, which are both a mere 6 and 7 minutes away from Pinetree Hill.

Moreover, these malls are renowned for their dining joints, which cater to all tastes and preferences. They have a wide range of cuisines from popular local eateries like Marines Corner Restaurant, The Restaurant, Swesens and McDonald’s to international chains such as Starbucks, KFC and Ootoya.

Residents will also be pleased to know that these reputable eateries serve healthy and affordable meals that can be enjoyed with family or friends. Besides offering delicious food, these establishments are also conveniently located and accessible by public transport.

In addition, the area has a plethora of medical centres that offer excellent care to patients from all walks of life. The renowned hospitals in the Ulu Pandan neighbourhood include The National University Hospital, My Family Clinic and Clementi Family HealthPoint Clinic, which are all within easy reach of Pinetree Hill.

Another reason why this cul-de-sac neighbourhood is so desirable for people looking to buy property is because of the pristine greenery that surrounds it. This will soothe the mind and provide an ideal setting for a peaceful, relaxed lifestyle.

You can also take a relaxing walk through these parks and gardens to relieve stress and get in touch with nature. The calming environment will rejuvenate your senses and relax you after a long day at work or school.pinetree hill

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