Floral Wallpaper For a Fresh, Joyful Ambiance

Floral wallpaper brings a fresh and joyful mood into any room. Whether a bright tropical flower wallpaper for the bathroom or a more sophisticated floral print for a living room: our flower wallpapers are suitable for many interior styles and create a beautiful backdrop for your furniture.

Flower motifs have been popular in decorative designs throughout history and they never go out of style. Especially in the modern age, they bring an exquisite and elegant look to any room, which can complement many different types of furniture. In addition, flowers often have a deep meaning and can inspire us in many ways. For example, roses represent love and admiration while daisies or tulips stand for fidelity and longevity.

The colour palette for flower patterns is extremely versatile and offers a wide range of options. Light colour models have a pleasant, cheerful and refreshing effect and are particularly well-suited for smaller rooms where natural light is scarce. Darker colours, on the other hand, can exude a mysterious and intense charisma. Black floral wallpaper, for instance, has a purist and minimalist appearance which can also be combined with historical or contemporary design styles.

English Florals

The term “English florals” describes a variety of small flower and blossom patterns on a white or pastel background. This wallpaper style is also characterised by a romantic and nostalgic charm. Roses, violets, daisies and poppies are among the most common motifs in this category of wallpaper.

French Florals

The large-scale depiction of flowers and branches on a wallpaper is what we know as the French floral design. This style of decorative design has long been one of the favourite motifs of the Old Masters and it is also a popular theme for wallpapers in this day and age. The French style of floral motifs is often inspired by the countryside and features herbs, meadow flowers and wildflowers.

Green Florals

Green floral wallpapers are a classic and have a balancing, harmonising and restorative effect. These types of flowers often have a medicinal or therapeutic significance, which makes them suitable for bedrooms and wellness spaces.

Yellow Florals

Yellow stands for enthusiasm and curiosity and can be a great accent colour for floral wallpapers. It can also be combined with other colours to create more interesting and unusual effects.

Choosing a suitable floral wallpaper can be a tricky task, but our collection has the right option for every style. The choice of pattern, colour and finish can make or break a floral wallpaper, so take the time to decide which design will best suit your taste. If you are not sure, our advisors will be happy to help! Simply get in touch and we can send you samples so you can see how your favourite flower patterned wallpaper looks at home. We are confident you will find the perfect match for your personal style! papier peint floral

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