History of Polo shirts & How to Wear them

Whether you’re heading out onto the inexperienced or catching up with buddies,Guest Posting the polo shirt is an undying staple in any man’s wardrobe. It flawlessly blends informal fashion with a clever, neat appearance. It may be effortlessly dressed up or down based on the event while closing fantastically comfortable. Learn about the history of the polo shirt and the way to put on one


History of the Polo Shirt

In the nineteenth century, British squaddies that had been stationed in Manipur, a north-western kingdom in India, followed the game of polo from neighborhood natives and took it back to England after their excursion of duty. Once returning to the United Kingdom, polo quickly became related to the upper-class and British royalty.

In the 19th century, the authentic polo uniform consisted of a protracted sleeve shirt, jodhpur pants and full-length horse riding boots. However, players at the time might fasten their shirt collars down using pins or buttons to prevent them from flapping around as they played. While traveling the UK, John E. Brooks of Brooks Brothers menswear fame observed the modern style trend and took it to the United States to create the primary mass-advertised polo, “The Original Button-Down Polo Shirt” in 1896.

The next to further the layout of the polo shirt became Jean René Lacoste. In the early 20th century, like polo players, tennis players extensively utilized thick cotton long sleeve shirts. After years of playing withinside the uncomfortable shirts, Lacoste determined to lay out his very own brief sleeve, 3-button t shirt print crafted from breathable pique cotton. The new shirt layout turned into speedy followed through by different players because of its comfort and advanced freedom of movement.

After Lacoste retired withinside the early 1930s, he determined to work with André Gillier, a leading French knitwear fashion dressmaker to breed his well-known brief sleeve shirt for the public. Over the following years, the polo shirt sharply rose in reputation, especially with sportspeople and as a part of new preppy styles. Its popularity improved from polo and tennis into golfing while US President Dwight Eisenhower was seen wearing a polo shirt in 1953.

Although the polo shirt has been reimagined and improved through designers from around the world due to Lacoste’s launch, it keeps providing an undying, sporty fashion.


What are Polo Shirts Made From?

While the authentic polo shirt was crafted from heavy, thick cotton, modern polos are produced from a huge variety of materials. Polo shirts are available in 3 awesome fabrics:


  • Cotton: Soft and breathable, cotton polo shirts combination comfort and informal fashion.
  • Pique knit: Characterised through the textured, 3-dimensional waffle appearance, pique polo shirts provide wonderful comfort in an undying sporty appearance.
  • Mercerised: Featuring smooth Egyptian cotton, mercerized polos have had their yarn processed a couple of instances to boom their power and luster.


How to Wear a Polo Shirt?

Bridging the space between an informal t-shirt and a barely extra formal brief sleeve shirt, a polo shirt may be effortlessly dressed up or down to fit maximum informal and smart informal occasions. While frequently worn casually, polos are nevertheless very much a part of golf and tennis wearing attire. Off the field, polos fit an extensive variety of occasions, from gathering with buddies, Casual Fridays withinside the workplace and nights out at the town. Read more.


Casual Look

Polo may be effortlessly worn for any casual event, from outside barbeques with buddies to journeys to the shops. They without problems fit with casual shorts within the summertime season or denim and shoes withinside the winter. In the cooler months, you can simply layer your polo with an informal jacket for a smart appearance. Polos that feature brighter colors, stripes and prints on them is also an amusing way to expose off your persona and casual appearance. dtf printing services

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