How to Apply Pc Thermal Paste

Pc Thermal Paste
A good PC thermal paste helps a processor self-regulate its temperature, which prevents overheating and sudden shutdowns. There are many different brands, formulations, and application techniques available, with some resulting in much better thermal conductivity than others. Some of the premium pastes we carry even don’t contain any organic solvent and can last a lot longer than their cheaper counterparts.

Most of the thermal pastes we stock are designed to help transfer heat from a CPU or graphics card processor (CPU or GPU) to the cooler, away from any other heat sensitive components in a system. They are formulated with metal oxides or other heat-conductive material suspended within what is usually a silicone base, which is easy to spread and simple to clean up. They are also typically sold in convenient syringe-like containers for easy application.

Applying the Thermal Compound
The simplest and most effective method for applying a good quality thermal paste is to let the pressure from a heat sink or water block do it for you. Incorrect manual application of the paste can introduce air pockets that act as insulators and reduce thermal performance.

To avoid this, you should apply the compound lightly with a plastic spreader to ensure an even distribution. Then, when you place your heatsink or water block on the CPU, it will be forced to spread out the paste and fill in any microscopic gaps between the two contact surfaces.

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