How to Become a Voice Over Artist

Whether announcing the latest Apple product or delivering a riveting commercial, voice over artists are responsible for helping to bring products, services, and stories to life. They use their unique voices to create characters and personalities that resonate with viewers. As such, the career requires not only an ear-catching voice but also strong acting skills and a solid work ethic.

The field has always been competitive, but it’s never been more popular for new performers to try their hand at the profession. Many are attracted to the flexibility and lucrative wages, while others have been pushed into the industry by the rise of streaming platforms, podcasts, e-learning courses, and phone apps. While some may lament the tight-knit community and energetic studio sessions of the past, there’s no denying that demand for voice actors continues to grow.

To become a professional voice over artist, an actor must build up a portfolio of recordings to show potential clients their skills. This is typically done through a demo reel, which features a selection of different snippets from various jobs. The reel will generally contain a mix of character voices and a variety of recording styles. Some artists may also include a sample of their own natural speaking voice to highlight their versatility.

Once a voice over artist has built up a portfolio, they can then start to seek out projects to complete. They can do this by contacting casting directors, agencies, and production houses directly. Alternatively, they can reach out to other professionals in the industry via social media or through their personal websites and blogs. In addition to networking, it’s important for voice actors to continually improve their craft and remain professional when working with clients.

Among the most important attributes of a successful voice over artist are consistency and reliability. They must be punctual, respectful, and attentive when working with clients. They must also be able to deliver high-quality recordings that meet the needs of the project at hand. For example, an audiobook requires consistent pacing and the ability to create distinct character voices, while podcasts require a clean, crisp delivery that’s easy to listen to.

Finally, voice over artists must be willing to learn about the content of a script so they can speak about it confidently and authentically. This is particularly important for those working on educational and training materials, as they’ll need to be able to effectively relay technical information and ideas. For example, a narrator on an online tutorial about mechanical presses will need to understand the technical details of the equipment so they can accurately describe its functions to their viewers. A voice over artist who can speak clearly, accurately, and in a compelling way is sure to find success in the field. voice over artists

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