How to Get Noticed on YouTube Part 2

In part 1 of how to get noticed on YouTube I covered some useful strategies. As you are only too aware, marketing can be difficult if you are trying to promote a product or service. For that reason alone it is imperative you take advantage of the opportunities offered to you by the world’s most widely used video site.

Wouldn’t you like to upload your video then go to bed knowing that while you are sleeping millions of people are going to be checking out your video?

Here are some more strategies to help you get noticed on YouTube.

Make use of the community

We take for granted sometimes just how many people actually use YouTube on a day to day basis. The truth is millions. Those millions of users have formed a nice little community which you should be a part of. This can become a very powerful marketing strategy for you.

Firstly you must ensure your video provides value to the viewers. Tips here are to keep the video short, around 2 minutes, and make it engaging. Speak clearly and ensure you have great picture and sound quality. People will disappear quickly if they find your video boring. If they like it then they can click a like button. The more popular your video becomes the quicker it will shoot up the YouTube rankings.

Just like people can add a comment to your video, assuming you turned this option on, so you too can go and add your comment to their videos. Don’t just go and say “Nice video” as this gives them a chance to delete your comment. You need to add a comment of value so say what you liked about the video and talk of any knowledge you have on the subject. It is easy for people to detect whether you know anything or nothing at all about the subject, just by the nature of your comment.

When you add a comment, others can see your username and may come and check your videos out. This means more traffic for you which can result in more traffic to your website also.

YouTube will allow you to add friends. Go and add friends who share the same interest and then they will be able to check out your video. Just imagine the traffic that can result from this. If you send your video to other people interested in your subject, then if they send it onto others also, you have what is known as a viral video. Wouldn’t you like your video to be seen by thousands of other people? This is why it is important you go and make friends in the community.


If someone likes your video they may subscribe to your YouTube channel. Now if their channel gets hundreds or thousands of visitors it is a sure fire bet that you are going to get some of that traffic also. Why not send that person a message and ask them to check out your channel.

Use personal email

No doubt you have personal contacts and friends outside of the YouTube community. Why not send an email to them and ask them to check out your video. You can even make your email look professional and embed the video directly in the email itself. Ask them to forward it to their friends if they like it, again creating a nice viral effect for you.

Use social media

If you have a Twitter or Facebook account you can post your video for everyone to see. YouTube has a facility next to each video which makes this process so easy. Just click on the share button and you can share your video to Facebook and Twitter. Social media is huge and you can get massive traffic using this technique. buy youtube comments likes

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