How to Turn iPhone Off Without the Lock Button

Often, you may find yourself facing an issue with your iPhone’s power button. If that’s the case, you can force-restart your device without using a physical button.

Luckily, Apple has thought of this situation. This feature is especially helpful for people who make use of accessibility features, like those who aren’t able to squeeze the buttons on their devices.

1. Press and hold the Side button

You can turn your iPhone off without a lock button by pressing and holding the Side button for about three seconds. When you do, the screen changes to say “slide to power off,” and then your device shuts down.

This works on iPhone SE, 7, 8, and earlier models. The button location varies, but it’s usually on the bottom of the phone.

Alternatively, you can restart your iPhone by holding the Home and Side buttons simultaneously. This is a faster method, but it may be a bit difficult to use if you’re not used to it.

Another method for restarting a frozen iPhone is to press the Side button and the Volume Up or Down button together. This will force the iPhone to reboot, which is often necessary for fixing bugs or glitches.

One thing to note about this method: If your battery is below three percent, the phone won’t restart. In that case, you’ll need to plug in the charger and charge it up until the iPhone restarts itself.

There are several other methods for turning your iPhone off that don’t require the Side button. These include using AssistiveTouch, a software feature that lets you control all the buttons on your iPhone with your fingertip.

If the Side button doesn’t work, you can also power your phone on and off using the buttons located on your Home screen. This method is particularly useful if you’re running out of battery or have a dead iPhone.

The iPhone’s Control Center offers a wealth of buttons. Tap it to toggle Airplane Mode, cellular data, WiFi, and Bluetooth, among other functions.

2. Press and hold the Volume Up button

If you’re unable to turn off your iPhone using the physical buttons, you can still shut it down by pressing and holding the Volume Up button. You can also use this to restart your iPhone if it’s frozen and unresponsive.

Before you try this method, however, be sure to clean the buttons with a cotton swab or some other soft cloth. This will help to ensure that the Volume Up and Down buttons aren’t clogged with dust or dirt.

Another option is to use AssistiveTouch, a virtual button that lets you adjust the volume on your iPhone without needing to click the hardware buttons. You can activate AssistiveTouch from the Settings app by going to Accessibility -> Touch and tapping AssistiveTouch.

AssistiveTouch uses a “change with buttons” feature that gets your current volume, converts it to a number, and shows you a notification that tells you what to do when you press a button. When you press the button, you’ll execute Action A if the number is greater than what it previously recorded, or Action B if it’s less.

This is a great way to quickly change the volume on your phone, especially if you’re in an environment where you don’t want to have to press the physical volume up and down buttons. It also lets you temporarily reset the volume if you’re in an app that requires it, like Music.

You can also create a custom shortcut that lets you adjust the volume of an app or something else within a specific app by enabling this setting in the Settings app. As with other shortcuts, you can assign actions to this shortcut and add them to the Shortcuts app so that you can easily control your volume whenever you need to.

3. Press and hold the Volume Down button

Whether you accidentally pressed the Volume Down button or your iPhone buttons stopped working, there are several ways to turn off your phone without the lock button. You can use apps that reassign your iPhone’s hardware buttons to other actions, or you can use an inbuilt function that allows you to shut off your phone with a slide.

Pressing the Volume Up and Down buttons adjust the volume of media, ringers, alerts, Siri, and other sounds and voices. The buttons are also context-sensitive, meaning that they adjust the volume depending on what’s happening at the time.

If you need to quickly turn off your iPhone, you can do so by pressing and holding the Volume Down button and the Side button at the same time. Then, you’ll get a haptic buzz and your screen will show a slider to turn off the device.

The power menu that shows up after you press and hold the Volume Down and Side button is a handy feature for when you’re having trouble with your iPhone. It lets you switch between different settings like Medical ID and Emergency SOS, and it even gives you the option to reboot your iPhone if necessary.

4. Press and hold the Lock/Unlock button

If the side/power button of your iPhone is broken or doesn’t work correctly, it can be tricky to turn off your device. But, there are several ways to get around this problem if you have an iPhone that’s running iOS.

First, you can use your phone’s settings to shut it down without using the power button. Just navigate to General in the settings app and scroll down until you see a “shutdown” option.

Once it’s selected, a slide-to-power-off slider will appear on the screen. Simply drag the slider to the right, and your device will shut down.

Next, you can restart your iPhone by plugging it into a wall charger or computer. Depending on your model, you may need to press and hold the side/power button for a few seconds before the device will power on.

You can also use a feature in iOS called Assistive Touch to switch off your iPhone or restart it without using the physical buttons. It’s a simple and versatile feature that works on older iPhone models, as well as new ones.

To enable Assistive Touch, open the Settings app and locate the “Touch” setting under Physical and Motor. Once it’s enabled, you can control your iPhone’s buttons by navigating to the Assistive Touch menu and tapping on the circle icon.

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