Integrative Medicine Austin

Integrated medicine is not just about using herbs instead of medications. It is a way of practicing medicine that embraces the whole person, takes into account all factors that influence health and disease, uses conventional and alternative approaches, and is inquiry-driven and open to new paradigms. It seeks to promote a healing relationship between patient and physician, integrating mind, body, spirit and community.

Integrative medicine austin is a practice that encompasses all aspects of health and wellness. It includes traditional western symptom-based medical care combined with holistic and functional approaches that look for the root cause of the problem rather than just masking the symptoms. It often involves advanced lab testing including modern genetic and metabolic markers as well as a full range of functional tests.

It takes into consideration the many factors that impact health, such as diet and lifestyle choices, stress, emotional and mental well-being and spirituality. It addresses imbalances in hormone levels and metabolism, seeks to improve digestion and elimination and immune function, optimizes nutrition through nutrient supplementation, addresses inflammation and gut dysfunction, and reduces toxic exposure. It also supports optimal hormonal and cardiovascular health and a healthy weight.

When you are able to get all of your health problems under control, you have more energy for your work and play. You can achieve your goals and dreams more easily and with less pain and discomfort. And you can feel a sense of pride that comes with knowing that your health is your top priority. You can eat better and sleep more, manage your stress better, reclaim your emotional and mental stability, and take care of your skin. You can be the CEO of your health and reclaim your life!

What if your weight was effortless to maintain, and your blood sugar was balanced? What if you had the energy to play with your kids, and the drive to be competitive at your job? What if your hormones were in balance, and you had no more allergies or autoimmune conditions? What if you could enjoy your favorite foods again, and sleep soundly every night?

Imagine the peace of mind you’d have knowing that you’re preventing serious diseases like heart disease and diabetes, with a system of healthcare that works for you. It’s possible, and it starts at AOMA.

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