Jewellery Polishing Cloth

If your jewellery has a matte or sandy finish, use our polishing cloth to buff it out and keep it shiny. It is also great for cleaning the textured areas of oxidised silver.

Our jewellery polishing cloth is impregnated with Jewellers Rouge which is a special polishing compound that cleans and shines Gold without scratching. It is a large, soft and very high quality cloth, which can even remove fine scratches on gold (although we always recommend you ask your local jeweller to do this to avoid deep marks).

The inner white fabric is treated with cleaning and anti-tarnish ingredients to safely and effectively clean and polish your jewelry. The outer blue flannel is untreated and acts as a final buffing cloth for a brilliant shine. These flannel fabrics are made from 100% ultra-soft cotton, non toxic and safe for your precious jewelry.

Our polishing cloths are very effective and long-lasting, but they will eventually start to turn black on one side and overtime can become completely black from the tarnish they have removed. They are still perfectly usable and safe, however we recommend you keep your jewellery in a sealed plastic baggie to help preserve their magic!

If your jewellery is very heavily tarnished, we always suggest you first use our Priory Metal Cleaner. This will remove heavy tarnish and leave the polished surface ready to be maintained with our Gold Polishing Cloth. jewellery polishing cloth

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