Metal powder injection molding technology of and its application

The basic process is: First,Guest Posting the solid powder and organic binder uniform mixing, the pellet after heating plastics in the state (~ 150 ) with the injection molding machine into the mold cavity curing, and chemical or thermal decomposition method of forming blank binder removal, the final sintering the final product. Compared with the traditional process, MIM has high accuracy, homogeneous, high-performance, low cost of production, its products are widely used in electronic information engineering, bio-medical equipment, office equipment, vehicles, machinery, hardware, sports equipment, watches and clocks , weapons and aerospace industries. International is widely recognized that the technology will lead to the development of parts forming and processing technology, a revolution, known as “the most popular parts forming technology” and “shape the 21st century technology.”Metal powder injection molding technology is plastic molding technology, polymer chemistry, metallurgy and metal materials (copper powder(FCu)) technology such as multi-disciplinary and cross-penetration of the product, the use of injection molding die can be blank and rapid manufacturing by sintering high-density, high-precision, three-dimensional structure of complex shape parts, quickly and accurately design ideas materialized into a certain structure, functional properties of products, and direct mass-produced parts, the manufacturing industry, a new change. The technology not only has less conventional powder metallurgy process, no cutting or less cutting, cost advantages, and overcome the traditional powder metallurgy products, uneven texture, mechanical properties, low, thin-wall molding difficult, complex structure and other shortcomings, particularly suitable for mass production of small, complex and special requirements of the metal parts.MIM process: mixing metal powder + binder ’ injection molding ’ degreasing ’ ’ After the sintering process.(1) Metal powder. MIM process used in metal powder particle size is generally 0.5 ~ 20¼m. In theory, the finer particles, the greater the surface area, the more easy molding and sintering. The traditional powder metallurgy process is used more than 40¼m of thick powder.              (2) Organic binder. The role of the organic binder bonding metal powder particles boron powder, so that the mixture is heated in the injection machine barrel after a rheology and lubricity, which adhesive is to bring the carrier of powder flow. Therefore, the binder of choice is the key to the powder injection molding. The requirements of the organic binder as follows: ` use less, use less binder mixture can produce a better rheology; a does not react in the process of removing the binder and metal powder can not afford any chemical reaction; b easy to remove, no residue within the carbon in the products.  micro injection

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