Non-Conductor Thermal Paste

Non-conductive thermal paste is a heat transfer agent that’s designed to sit between your computer components and the heat sink to allow for optimum heat dissipation and prevent overheating. Non-conductive thermal pastes are typically made up of a polymer base and filler such as boron nitride, aluminum nitride, alumina, copper, and zinc oxide.

Generally, non-conductive thermal pastes will have a lower thermal conductivity than their metal based counterparts. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing as the lower thermal conductivity can often provide greater longevity for your chosen product.

A thermal paste’s longevity refers to how long it can maintain its thermal properties without drying out or losing its performance. Opting for a longer-lasting product can reduce the need for frequent reapplications and allow you to focus on your setup’s other elements.

Liquid metal TIMs, the highest-performing thermal pastes, consist of liquid metal such as gallium or a variant thereof suspended in what is likely to be a silicon-based base. This gives them the best thermal conductivity values but also poses the greatest risk of short circuiting if they are accidentally spilled or applied incorrectly, especially if you use aluminium heat sinks which are highly corrosive to liquid metal.

For those who’re looking for a high-performance, long-lasting Non-conductive thermal paste, look no further than the Noctua NT-H1. Renowned for its premium quality and outstanding performance, this paste is suitable for all CPU types and offers optimal heat transfer with very low thermal resistance. Its ease of application with the included NT-H1 spreader and clean-up convenience with a screw-on cap syringe that helps maintain compound longevity to avoid drying out make this one of our top picks for long-lasting performance.

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