Pangeos Yacht – A Floating City For Ultra-High-Net-Wise People

For those who’ve always dreamed of trading in their dayboats for a full-time floating lifestyle, there may be a way to realize this fantasy. Disruptive Italian design firm Lazzarini, which is known for its flying superyacht concepts and futuristic seaports, has just unveiled a humongous “terayacht” concept capable of accommodating thousands upon thousands of people. Named Pangeos in honor of the prehistoric Pangea supercontinent, the turtle-shaped vessel would measure 1,800 feet in length and 2,000 feet at its widest point in its wings — making it the largest floating structure ever built.

The terayacht is designed to be an itinerant city for ultra-high-net-worths, featuring hotels, shopping centers, parks, beach clubs, and ship and aircraft ports. According to the designers, the watercraft could accommodate up to 60,000 guests.

Its interior is a mix of a luxury hotel, a cruise ship and a city with hotels, apartments and malls on the main deck, rooftop parks, gardens, and several pools. The terayacht is also fitted with helipads and hangars to house choppers, yachts, and other tenders.

As with all terayachts, the Pangeos is powered by green energy. The vessel draws power from its nine HTS electric engines, each with a capacity of 16,800 hp. Combined with the energy generated by its solar panels, the terayacht can sail around the world nonstop without emissions, thanks to an almost-endless supply of green power.

Despite its impressive size, the terayacht will be quite easy to navigate, with an automated system that constantly monitors and adjusts the position of the hull. This is made possible by a large number of sensors that track everything from water pressure to wind direction, so the ship can maintain its position regardless of environmental conditions.

Of course, building the massive terayacht won’t be cheap. Lazzarini estimates that the project will cost $8 billion and take eight years to complete. To help finance the venture, the design firm has launched an NFT crowdfunding campaign in the Metaverse to sell virtual space on the terayacht. Buyers will be able to purchase credentials for virtual admittance into the augmented reality world of Pangeos, with the option to exchange these for physical property should construction come to fruition.

The NFT campaign has already attracted a large number of backers who’ve purchased virtual property for the Pangeos Metaverse Floating City, including a luxury “super villa” for $1.6 million or 1.5 ETH. The campaign will remain open until June 2020. To learn more about the terayacht and its features, visit the official website. You can also follow the project’s progress on Twitter. If you are interested in investing in the upcoming crowdfunding campaign, click here for more information. pangeos yacht

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