Selecting a Portable Fire Fighting Pump

When the demand for fire suppression system water flow exceeds the ability of your department’s main water supply to provide it, a portable fire fighting pump can help bridge the gap. These pumps are designed specifically for fire fighting, and are typically powered by a diesel engine or electric motor, depending on the model. These pumps are capable of providing the high pressure and large volume required for NFPA regulation-compliant fire sprinkler systems and standpipes. The selection of the best fire pump for your property will depend on a number of factors, including building requirements, code compliance standards, and available power sources.

The most common type of portable fire pump is a single-stage volute casing pump, which uses a centrifugal design to generate high pressure. Water enters the suction inlet and travels to the center of the impeller, where it is accelerated by centrifugal force and then discharged out the discharge port. This design allows for a higher level of suction lift than other types of pumps.

Another type of fire pump is the end-suction rotary flow pump. This design utilizes a single-stage low-maintenance driver and is capable of producing up to 1,500 gpm (5,678 L/min) with a maximum head pressure of 250 feet. This pump is ideal for filling booster tanks on fire apparatus and draining cellars.

Portable fire fighting pumps are designed for quick and easy operation. Many models have a built-in hand priming system, exhaust primer or rotary vane primer that makes it easy to start the pump. They also have an easy-to-use handle or button to change the discharge flow, as well as a throttle control that provides the operator with the ability to fine-tune the performance of the pump. Some models are also equipped with a fire-resistant lubricant to protect the pump from damage caused by harsh chemicals used in the spraying of firefighting agents.

A fire pump should be easily transportable, so it can be repositioned as needed. It should have a sturdy handle and wheels to make it simple to maneuver over rough terrain, and it should be able to be loaded onto an apparatus or trailer for fast operation. Most portable fire fighting pumps are light enough to be carried by a single person, and they have carrying handles for this purpose. Some models are also designed to be easily transported to the site of a fire, using a trolley or cart.

While a fire pump is designed for firefighting, a water pump is intended to be used for other purposes, such as irrigation, water supply or wastewater treatment. Fire pumps are often required to meet certain NFPA regulations, while water pumps are not.

If you need a portable fire fighting pump to meet your property’s fire suppression needs, explore this assortment of equipment at Feld Fire. We offer a variety of diesel, gas, and electric fire pumps to meet your needs. You can also find the right delivery nozzles to go with your new fire pump, so you’re ready to respond to any emergency situation. portable fire fighting pump

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