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ביטוח לאומי אזור אישי is the online portal where you can access your benefits, check your eligibility, and get important information. It is also where you can quickly obtain a letter with proof of your benefits.

Privatization would require a significant increase in the payroll tax and redirection of some of that money to privately managed individual accounts. This plan would require substantial federal borrowing and 60 percent majorities in both Houses of Congress to implement.

Access your benefits online

Social security is an income stream that can replace lost earnings if you become disabled or die before retirement. It also provides benefits for family members who cannot survive without your help. The program is funded by FICA contributions (the taxes paid by you and your employer for Social Security and Medicare).

To access your benefits, log in to your my Social Security account. You can use it to check your benefits status, get a replacement card, verify your reported earnings, and estimate future benefits. You can also change your address, check the status of an application, and get a benefit verification letter. You can even sign up for direct deposit online.

You can request a replacement SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S – the forms SSA mails to you every January for tax purposes that summarize your benefits for the previous year. You can also obtain a Social Security benefit verification letter, which you may need for employment or to apply for government assistance.

You can also suspend your retirement benefit after you reach full retirement age (FRA) and resume it as late as age 70. If you’re married, you can opt to claim 50% of your spouse’s benefit at FRA or personal insurance amount (PIA), whichever is higher. If you have questions about your benefit options, you can contact a local Social Security office.

Get a replacement card

If you need a new card because yours was lost or stolen, you can apply for one online, through the mail or in person. You will have to submit the proper documentation, but if you don’t need any changes made, the process should be quick and easy.

There are several documents that must be submitted to get a replacement Social Security number card, including evidence of identity, citizenship and age. The SSA website lists the necessary proof, but you can also check with a local Social Security office for additional details. If you are sending documents by mail, make sure to send originals or copies certified by the issuing agency. Photocopies, even if notarized, aren’t acceptable.

If you need to change your name, sex or place of birth on your card, you must visit a local Social Security office in person. This isn’t an option for those who live in American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands or Puerto Rico. You will also have to report your lost card to the Federal Trade Commission to prevent credit fraud. You should also put a fraud alert on your credit report with the three national credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. This will require anyone who checks your credit to take extra steps to verify your identity before granting you loans or credit cards.

Get a letter with proof of your benefits

When you need proof of your benefits, you can use a document known as a benefit verification letter. It is similar to a paystub, but it contains information about the types of benefits you receive, which makes it ideal for loan applications and other processes that require proof of income. You can obtain this document instantly online by logging into your my Social Security account.

Social Security is the largest government program in the United States, with payments to more than 54 million people. These benefits are financed by payroll tax contributions from employers, employees, and self-insured individuals. The programs include retirement, survivors, and disability insurance for disabled workers and their families. SSA also administers Medicare, an important health program for older adults and the disabled.

In addition to its headquarters in Woodlawn, Maryland, SSA has more than 1,200 field offices throughout the country. During fiscal year 2019, 43 million people visited these locations to apply for benefits, get an original or replacement card, and conduct other business.

When you have an my Social Security account, you can check the status of your application or change your direct deposit information. You can also download and print your documents from the site. You can also contact a local office or call the SSA helpline to request additional information.

Change your address

If you’ve changed your name, you will need to update your SSA record. You can do this by visiting your local SSA office or card center in person or sending in an application via mail. You can also visit the online SSA office locator to find your closest branch and see which documents you need to bring with you. It’s a good idea to go in person if you can, since it reduces the chance that sensitive or hard-to-replace documents will get lost or stolen in transit.

You will need to fill out Form SS-5, which can be downloaded online here. You will need to provide your new full first and middle name, as well as your new last name. Then, you will need to give your birth date, including the month, day, and year. You will also need to provide a current mailing address where you want your new SSA card to arrive. The final item asks if you are changing your name for yourself or someone else. If you are changing your name for yourself, check the box that says “self.”

You will need to submit the SS-5 form along with the required documentation to your local Social Security office or card center. You can locate your nearest office by entering your zip code in the SSA office locator.

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