Tazarotene – How Does it Work?

Tazarotene is a medication that works by slowing down the growth of skin cells. It is used to treat conditions such as psoriasis and acne. The medication is available as a topical cream and as an oral tablet. The medication is also sometimes used to treat keratosis pilaris. Using this medication properly is important to help achieve the best results.

Tazorac is a member of the family of medications called retinoids. Retinoids are a group of drugs that work to reduce inflammation, decrease the appearance of wrinkles, unclog blocked pores and improve skin texture. There are several different types of retinoids, including over-the-counter vitamin A (retinol) and stronger prescription medications. Tretinoin is probably the most well-known prescription retinoid. It is well-known for its ability to reduce wrinkles, fade discolouration and treat acne.

The active ingredient in tazarotene is tazarotenic acid. It is produced through an extensive chemical reaction process. The starting material is thiophenol, which is converted to a pyridinedione by the addition of dimethylallyl bromide. The pyridinedione is then subjected to Friedel-Crafts cyclization to give the olefin tazarotene. This is then reacted with acetyl chloride to form the tazarotene carboxylate. Finally, the tazarotene carboxylate is reacts with the diethyl chlorophosphate to produce the final product tazarotene 0.05% gel.

When tazarotene is applied to the skin, it penetrates and binds with retinoid receptors in the skin, where it inhibits cell growth. It has been shown to reduce the three major pathogenic processes involved in psoriasis – abnormal keratinocyte differentiation, hyperproliferation and increased expression of inflammatory mediators. It is a low-tolerance compound, meaning it is absorbed into the bloodstream after topical application.

The drug is also effective in treating acne because it slows the growth of oil-producing skin cells. This helps to keep pores clear of blocked sebum and dead skin cells that cause blackheads and whiteheads. It also reduces the production of inflammatory substances that can lead to redness and swelling in the skin.

It is important to remember that tazarotene can only be effective when it is applied to the affected area of the skin on a regular basis. It is not a quick fix, and it may take weeks before you see any improvement. In addition, it is important to protect the skin from sun exposure while using tazarotene. If you do expose your skin to the sun, use a high-SPF sunscreen and cover your skin as much as possible.

Talk to your doctor before you start using tazarotene uk, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Other medications may be safer for you or your baby. Your doctor will also want to know if you have any allergies, other illnesses or pre-existing medications. Also tell your doctor if you are taking other topical medications or oral medication for acne or another condition. You should not use tazarotene if you have certain medical conditions, such as liver disease or high blood pressure. Also avoid smoking or drinking alcohol while you are using this medication. tazarotene uk

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