The Flat Head Screw

Flat Head Screw
The flathead screw is a workhorse of the screw world. You’ll find it in woodworking projects, furniture making and home construction. It’s also a staple in the tool kits of most electricians and is probably on every outlet cover you’ve ever touched.

Flathead screws have a flat bearing surface that sits flush against the material above it, making them easy to install. This allows them to be driven with a low amount of force, and provides a more natural grip for fasteners than Phillips or slotted screws.

While there are many variations on the basic screw head type, most are designed to accommodate a wide range of fastener materials. Flatheads are available in a variety of sizes, and can be modified with screw covers to hide their heads for an uncluttered look. Oval head wood screws have a tapered portion of the shank under the head for better countersinking, while round head wood screws are good when the head needs to be accented or if the screw will sit in a piece of hardware that has flat, non-countersunk screw holes (like upholstery edges, mast plates, and other hardware). Bugle head screws are common in drywall and their curved neck automatically compresses the gypsum and drywall paper around it, creating a self-countersunk hole.

To maximize the strength and utility of your flathead screws, they should be properly installed, lubricated and used with care. It’s important to regularly inspect them for wear, rust and corrosion that could affect their performance. When a screwdriver blade no longer fits easily into the head of the fastener or seems to slip and lose contact with its shaft, it’s time to replace your screwdriver. Flat Head Screw

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