The Real Batman

The real Batman, according to the DC Universe, is a hero who is willing to break the law and go after corrupt criminals but he will never harm innocents. This moral rectitude has earned him the respect of other heroes in the universe, such as Superman and Wonder Woman.

The story behind The real Batman is a familiar one: a young man, Bruce Wayne, witnesses the mob-ordered murder of his parents and decides to spend the rest of his life using his sizable fortune in a way that will improve society. He undergoes extensive physical and martial training, learns forensic science and psychology, and becomes an expert in interrogation techniques. His intimidating and frightening appearance is often enough to get information out of even the most hardened criminals, although he remains reluctant to use lethal force in his missions.

Batman’s early adventures saw him teaming up with a number of sidekicks, including Dick Grayson and the exuberant and wisecracking Robin. The characterization of the hero was gradually softened as time went on, with his broodiness and seriousness replaced by more childlike traits. In the 1990s, Eisner-award winning writer Paul Dini was at the height of his career writing for the popular Batman: The Animated Series and Tiny Toon Adventures.

The upcoming movie, The real Batman, is a return to the more serious, hardened Batman. With Robert Pattinson sounding just like Christian Bale and Andy Serkis matching his intensity as Alfred Pennyworth, the film looks to have all the markings of a classic. The real Batman

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