Treated Diamonds-Know What You Are Buying

Reasons For Treating Diamonds

It seems the duty of man to try and improve on nature. In a world of assembly lines we have become accustomed to items without blemish. Those that are produced with flaws are usually sold at a discount as seconds.

We are a society that has come to expect a certain standard, and seem to want each item to look just like the next. This extends to diamonds and gemstones. Those who market diamonds are simply responding to our expectations, and trying to make the best of a product nature refuses to produce in mass numbers that are exactly alike and without flaws.

Why Diamonds are Treated

Diamonds are treated in order to bring them up to the standard that, we the consumers,expect. Treating diamonds can improve clarity, color and even have their entire appearance changed. This makes a more saleable product, and can even be looked at as a bonus to the consumer, as long as it is revealed what treatment has been done, and this is found acceptable by the consumer.

Improved Diamond Clarity

Tiny cracks in a diamond can interfere with the clarity. These tiny cracks can be filled with molten glass to improve the clarity of the diamond. This process can improve the grade of a diamond and make an otherwise undesirable diamond marketable. The process is only successful for filling very small cracks, does not affect the weight of the diamond and usually makes it more affordable.

Since this process was invented and used with success, another method has come along, but instead of using molten glass, this new process uses bromine to fill the cracks. Bromine can discolor or become cloudy when exposed to sunlight. Bromine is sometimes used because it is cheaper. When purchasing a treated diamond you should inquire about what method was used. It is also best to deal with reputable merchants who have a stake in their good reputation.

Colored Diamonds

There are various kinds of color treated diamonds.Very colorless diamonds are considered desirable, and in order to remove a yellowish tinge so that a diamond appears more transparent and white, colored diamonds are sometimes painted.

Another method that is used requires laser drills. Laser drills can be used to drill very small holes in diamonds in order to reach dark colored spots. By making the dark colored areas reachable, they can then be bleached with acid to make them less noticeable. The very small holes left by the laser drill is usually filled with molten glass.

Coating Diamonds

Diamonds can also be treated with a coating which makes the diamond appear more translucent and brighter. This process often works so well it cannot be detected with the naked eye, but requires a trained gemologist to detect the process and properly grade the diamond.

The value to the consumer is affordability, and these diamonds can often be very beautiful. It is best to buy from a reputable dealer, ask questions, and know what you are getting. You do need to know what processes have been used, so you can inform your jeweler when you take your diamond to be cleaned so they know what process and chemicals can be used safely. diamond painting

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