What Are the Different Types of RV Refrigerators?

A well-stocked refrigerator is an essential part of every RV, whether you’re a full-time camper or just getting ready for your next weekend adventure. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best rv refrigerator for you: energy requirements, volume, aesthetics, warranty and more. But with our comprehensive guide, you’ll have everything you need to make the right choice for your rig.

What Are the Different Types of RV Refrigerators?
Residential refrigerators are one of the biggest trends in RV design these days, especially in larger fifth wheels and Class A motorhomes. They’re a great option for those who want the convenience of an AC/DC fridge but don’t have a massive solar system and battery bank.

Absorption refrigerators work by using a chemical reaction to keep food and drinks cool. They run on propane and heat up an absorber plate, which vaporizes ammonia into water vapor that drips into a pool of liquid water ammonia solution. This process is repeated over and over to keep the fridge cool.

They’re also known as 3-way refrigerators because they can operate on propane, 120V power (via an inverter), or 12V DC power from your RV engine. However, generating the electricity for this cooling process uses a lot of fuel, so it’s important to be mindful of how much you use it on your trip.

Before buying a used RV fridge, ask the owner what they’ve been using it for and how often. It’s important to check the fridge on a regular basis for leaks, clogs and other issues that could compromise its ability to properly cool food and beverages. rv refrigerators

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