What is a FIBC Big Bag?

A fibc big bag is a flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) that can be used to store and transport industrial items. They are made of woven tapes of virgin polypropylene, which gives them durability and flexibility. These industrial bags are also known as super sacks and jumbo bags, and they offer many advantages over other industrial containers such as wooden crates or metal drums.

They can be stacked and transported using mechanical means such as pallet jacks and forklifts, minimizing manual movement. This reduces worker injuries and makes the process more efficient. In addition, they are much lighter than other industrial containers, making them more cost-efficient to ship empty.

FIBC bags are suitable for many different industries, including construction and mining. However, it is important to purchase high-quality bags that are fit for purpose. This includes ensuring that the bags are clean and safe for the products being stored or transported inside, as well as having all the necessary attachments. In particular, it is crucial that any lifting loops are in good condition and compatible with the machinery being used to lift or transport them.

Another important consideration when buying a reconditioned FIBC is how they have been used in the past. It is crucial that you work with a reputable supplier who can commit to high industry standards and provide full traceability for all their used bags. This is particularly vital for companies who use used FIBCs to transport or store hazardous materials, as it may be impossible to know how the bags have been treated in the past.

Depending on the type of product being carried, it may be appropriate to choose a lining or coating option. A liner is a layer of polypropylene film that is inserted either loosely or attached to the bag, and it offers additional protection from contamination, moisture, and oxygen. It can also prevent powders from clogging the bags’ woven polypropylene fabric.

Coating is an alternative to liners and works in the same way, except that the film is applied to the bag’s exterior during the manufacturing process. This coating protects the woven polypropylene from UV light, which can degrade the fabric over time.

During the manufacturing process, a FIBC bag manufacturer will attach various types of filling and discharging mechanisms to the bag, such as spouts, flaps, or valves. Depending on the bag’s design, these can be useful for a range of applications, including storing and discharging dry, combustible, or inflammable powders. The spouts can also be used to feed into automated processing equipment, such as powder mixers or in-line conveying systems.

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