What Is a Float Pump?

A float pump is a device that automatically controls the start and stop of a sump or sewage pump. It works by detecting when the water level in the basin is at or above a pre-set height. It then triggers the pump to turn on and off.

The float switch mechanism consists of a tethered float that lowers and rises with the water level in the tank or basin. An internal steel ball pivots inside the float, and whenever it rotates, an electrical circuit closes to trigger the pump. Depending on the wiring configuration, the float switch may be normally open (open when down) or normally closed (closed when up).

Float switches are used in a variety of liquid level control applications, including water tanks, rainwater, ponds, cesspools and septic systems. They are especially useful in preventing flooding and maintaining a consistent water level in cesspools or septic tanks.

There are a few different types of float switches available, but the type you select will depend on your application and installation needs. For example, if you are using the float switch for an irrigation system or for watering apple trees, it is important to choose a model with a longer cord so that you can reach your pump easily.

Piggy-back plugs are an easy way to connect a float switch to the power outlet on your pump. They allow you to simply plug the float switch into the power outlet and then the pump directly into the back connector on the float switch. Alternatively, you can hard wire the float switch by splicing it in to the HOT line coming from the power source. When doing this, it is important to make sure that the splice is in a waterproof location to avoid electrical shorts or shock.float pump

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