What Is a Riveting Machine?

A Riveting machine is a device used to fasten metal materials together using rivets. It has several benefits including improving the strength and rigidity of the materials. It is also a cost effective alternative to other methods of joining such as welding or screwing. It can be used in many applications from clothing to electronic devices. It can also be used to join the ends of pipes and other metal parts, and is often found in industrial settings. Riveting machines are available in a wide range of types and sizes, so it is important to choose the right one for your project.

Before using a Riveting machine, it is essential to prepare the work area and understand proper handling techniques. This includes wearing the appropriate safety equipment, following relevant safety guidelines and operating instructions for the particular riveting machine model. It is also important to be familiar with the type of rivet being used for the project.

There are two main categories of riveting machines, impact and orbital forming (or radial). Riveting machines deliver the downward force needed to deform the fastener into its head by using either a pneumatic hammer or an electric motor and flywheel combination or hydraulic cylinder. Some riveters also have a hopper and feed track that automatically delivers and positions the rivet.

Impact riveting machines are a great choice for projects that require high production speeds as they can install each rivet in under a second. These machines are used in a wide variety of assembly applications such as automotive, aircraft and machinery components. Orbital forming or radial riveting machines are a good choice for projects that require more control over the assembly process or for applications that use fragile materials such as ceramics or glass. These machines provide greater control over the amount of downforce applied and can deform the rivet with less force.

While some people may choose to install a rivet manually, this method is generally not recommended for industrial applications and should be limited to home use for simple projects such as repairs and restorations. These hand tools usually clamp to a bench and have an anvil for the rivet and a roller that can be set above it. A few well-placed whacks of the hammer roll the edges of the rivet, but the result is not as strong and does not hold as tightly as those rolled by a machine.

A riveting machine can be automated to run on a production line, and process monitoring systems are available that monitor the setting force and punch movement throughout the riveting cycle, resulting in a force-displacement curve that is compared with a trained reference curve. If the process is within tolerances, it is considered acceptable; otherwise, it is flagged and/or halted for further inspection or troubleshooting. Depending on the type of riveting machine and application, there are many other distinctions that differentiate these tools, but a quick list of important product assembly factors, plant utility availability and finished part aesthetics can help narrow the selection.

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