Wool Socks For Healthy Feet

Wool Socks from Australia merino are very good for healthy feet.

Australian and NZ wool socks are ideal for work, bush walking, bike riding, sporting activities and everyday wear. Made from pure highest quality wool fabrics such socks breathe and absorb moisture keeping your feet comfortable in both summer and winter. Such socks without elastic are ideal for diabetics and people with circulation problems.

Australian and NZ wool socks provide the highest insulation level for protection from heat and cold. They are not only warm but also wick moisture from the skin and allow water vapor to pass through the wool fiber. All of it with no losing thermal properties.

Studies show that the wool fiber’s ability to absorb and neutralize unpleasant odors is much better than any other textiles. Such socks are simply the best for most activities!

Wool is fabulous insulation. It is resistant to fire, it repels water and ‘breathes’! In addition – it’s completely natural.

In recent years the Australian wool industry reduced in size, because of falling prices. Long-term wool producers made the switch to beef. The produce became more expensive. However the decline in sheep numbers has stopped and there is a hope that this is a turning point.

Thanks to such companies as OzWool Online there is still demand for Australian pure wool. OzWwool Online is an Australian online retailer for high quality wool clothing for women, men and children. When you buy Oz Wool Online wool clothing products they guarantee the quality and customer service team provides full support. When you buy Australian and New Zealand made wool clothing products you are buying into quality and guarantees. Australia and NZ are the world’s largest supplier of wool and wool clothing. customized dress socks

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