YouTube Live Stream – Is it Safe For Children?

YouTube live stream enables users to broadcast whatever they are doing, in real time, to a global audience. It can be anything from a birthday message to loved ones, a topical Q&A session or even a talent showcase. Live streams can be public or private. When they are viewed publicly, viewers can leave comments or gifts (like virtual coins) which appear on the screen.

For some young people, particularly primary aged children, creating and viewing live streams can have positive benefits such as helping them to express themselves and build their confidence and communication skills. In addition, live streaming provides them with a platform to connect with their favourite celebrities and content creators.

However, there are also some risks associated with live streaming. It can expose children and young people to age inappropriate content, including sexual or violent material. They could also be exposed to bullying and offensive or negative messages from others.

It is important that children and young people know how to access support and report concerns. They should know that they can speak to parents, trusted adults or CEOP if they have any concerns about what they are seeing on the internet. They should also be aware of the risk that others can record their screen and post it online. This may be a serious crime. They should never share their passwords with other people or use their phone to take pictures of other people without their permission. youtube live stream viewers bot

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